Saturday, December 11, 2010

Helping Out

I am very excited right now!!! This morning I went over to my friend Emily's house at 9 a.m. so they could drive me to Bethany Baptist Church in Protho Junction. Last year I went and helped set up the Christmas Store. I didn't actually help do the Christmas Store. This year I did actually help with the Christmas Store. Emily and I were in the boys room (4-12 years in case you were wondering). There were a bunch of people so we helped them get down to their car with their stuff. We had a bunch of stuffed animals so we gave the people one stuffed animal per child. The grill team from our church (Central Baptist of North Little Rock) was there serving hamburgers, hotdogs, drinks, chips, and cupcakes. I got a sweet peace sign necklace and a plaid clip. I am way into peace signs and plaid just to let you know. :) That is pretty much all that is up with me except yesterday I was making my moms Christmas present and I was cutting a thread and I cut my finger. My mom said it could have had stiches but we didn't go to the hospital we just put a butterfly band-aid on it and two regular band-aids on it. I looked at it last night and it was purple and really gross looking. :(

GIW (God Is Watching),
Olivia Brown

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