Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010

Hi guys sorry I haven't been on in a long time! Happy November!!! I am so excited that November is finally here. Why, you might ask? Because it means we are one month away from Christmas! Also, because my mom's,dad's and aunt's birthday are in October I am so glad that is over! Not that I don't like to celebrate my parents birthday, but it bugs me that I can't drive yet and go get them a birthday present without them knowing. Anyway... I have a hayride with my youth group this Saturday. I am excited about that. Also, I am go to McDonald's for lunch today. I hope everyone who reads this blog has a great day today! Right now I am listening to WOW Hits 2010 from the library. I put it in purple so you would know what the title was. Okay, now for the Jesus speech I have been building up to for the whole time I have had this blog. Jesus is here for you. He is the the everlasting friend. To accept him into your heart means to believe in him, to want to obey him, and to follow him for the rest of your life. It guarantees a life in heaven not in the firery hell. To accept him in your heart you have to pray to him. Get on your knees and ask him to save you, that you want to follow and obey him! I hope with all of my heart that you pray this prayer that guarantees you a life in heaven after you die. And if you just prayed that prayer you have a job to do. Go tell your friends, your family, and hobos on the street about Jesus. Please! Jesus is here for everyone. Here for rich people, poor people or people in between. Talk to you later!


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