Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

Hi guys. Today has been a good day. I went to the park today with my mom, sister, and my mom's friend. Last night at church Kylan (my youth minister) talked about not fitting in. He said if we fit in then how will people be able to tell the difference between us (Christians) and others (non-believers). It got me thinking how many times a week we look at someone who is different and say "Who is that?!" Maybe, just maybe, if we could be different for example: smile at someone you don't know, respect people for who they are, or don't roll your eyes behind your parents back when they tell you to invite the "loser" at your school to your b-day party. Maybe it could be the start of a new friendship, a question about why you are the only one at your school who doesn't gossip (which could lead to a new Christian), or a brand new discovery that the "loser" has an awesome house and a Facebook page (really? you never took the time to look). Just because someone is different doesn't mean that they will abandon you when your dad stops working at the candy factory and gets a new job at Lowe's. Two weeks ago I had a major freak-out when I realized, or thought I realized, that the reason that I didn't have a lot of friends in my youth group was because I didn't wear the right clothes. Well, when Kylan talked about fitting in I realized I didn't have to wear the right clothes to fit in. I don't even have to fit in! How exciting is that?! I just thought I would tell you about that and give you something to think about. Also, for the girls who see this I am reading an awesome book called "My Name Is Chloe" and it is by Melody Carlson. You gals should totally read it!