Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hey guys!!! I bet you are glad I'm on again!!! Today I went to the Wednesday school that I go to. I walked 12 laps around the track and the equals one mile! I actually ran three laps then walked three laps until I had a total of 12. We had a special visitor today! It was a dog, but she was so cute!! Her name is Sandy and she is 5 years old! Her owner is teaching her to be a therapy dog! That means that she will go to hospitals or nursing homes and try to cheer people up! Sandy already knows the commands sit, stay, and lie down!! There is one more command that she has to learn to become a therapy dog and it is leave. Dogs naturally pick up stuff that's on the floor, but when she goes to visit people there might be medicine or food on the floor that Sandy isn't supposed to touch. She hasn't learned it yet but it was still fun to see her do all of her other tricks! We had piano lessons today and they are so much easier for me now! I am at the end of my book so my piano teacher is going to get me some new books and I am so excited! That's all that I have done today!!!

Your sister in Christ,

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